Buddha Bar London Interior


1 April 2015


I love London. I mean truly LOVE London. It’s just such a wonderfully magical city with so much to see and do. I recently attended a dinner party at Buddha Bar hosted by my girls Charlotte and Hannah of DeluxEvents. Their parties are always fun, glamorous and in the best of locations. My Starr and I were treated to a wonderful three course meal, champagne (of course), and sushi straight off the toned abs of a naked model! Entertainment included live percussionist and burlesque dancers. It was truly an enjoyable night – I eagerly await the next event!

On a separate note; I have been working on my photography lately as I have made a promise to myself not to upgrade my camera until I have a better understanding of the craft. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to events with bloggers who don’t know how to use their fancy £800+ camera. They have no understanding of aperture, shutter speed or in some cases, how to work the flash! I purchased my Sony nexF3 a few years ago after much deliberation and research. As a beginner, I wanted a lightweight camera with easy to navigate auto settings to assist me whilst I learn the manual way. It is my aim to move from beginner to intermediate photographer by the end of the year, and upgrade my cam accordingly. I am pretty happy with how these pictures came out – although, with such a beautiful setting it wasn’t much of a feat! I was so enamoured with the stunning interior and enjoyment of the night that I completely forgot to snap a picture of my outfit (a true testament if any of how good a time you’re having)! Was thinking of posting more lifestyle and travel features on the blog – let me know if you’d like to see more of these kind of posts. It’s kind of fun being behind the camera than in front it. xoxo

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